@aGlance – Overview, cooperation, and coordination

@aGlance [at-a-glance] is a system that provides overview, cooperation and coordination during large events. Via a unique combination of 3D technologies, live videos, GPS tracking and Smartphones, @aGlance combines and distils the relevant information. Organizers, emergency services and police achieve hereby central situational overview of resources, personnel, emergent incidents and their context, as well as visual communication and coordination with, among others, people in the field.

The back-bone in @aGlance is a uniting and integrating 3D environment. It contains maps and 3D models of the event site, surrounding areas, central places, stalls, stages, service centres, and many more. Directly embedded in this environment, @aGlance delivers live video from central event areas, remote interaction with cameras as well as live GPS tracking of guards, first-aid teams, coordinators, etc. The 3D environment may be installed at all coordinators, security centres, first-aid centres, etc. and shares automatically all content in real time.

Coordinators may via the 3D environment interact visually with GPS tracked smartphones carried by actors in the field. The @aGlance smartphone app utilizes the same event specific maps as the 3D environment and makes possible, for example, dynamic pinpointing and sharing of incidents from the central 3D environment to the mobile smartphone maps. Furthermore, there are a number of possibilities for visual communication in the form of sharing of live videos and pictures – from Smartphones to 3D environment and vice versa.

In this way, organizers and emergency services keep track of:

  • what happens in the event area– “at a glance” (overview)
  • where are other actors (location)
  • what do other actors see (cooperation)
  • actors’ point of view (see what they see, from where they see it)
  • what happens in the context of, for example, a patient, a toppled fence, a brawl, etc.

Flexible and service oriented
@aGlance is constructed as a modular and service oriented system. It provides a high degree of flexibility in relation to tailoring of solutions to the individual client/event. The individual soft- and hardware components and services may be freely selected (or deselected) in the specific solution. Solutions may thus be anything from an environment with only GPS tracking to full solutions with 3D environments, cameras, GPS tracking and Smartphones (see components below).

The service oriented flexibility makes it uncomplicated to tailor new services, such that existing solutions may seamlessly become integrated into the @aGlance system – e.g. existing solutions involving cameras or tracking technologies.

Components in the system:

  • 3D environment:
    • interactive, geogreferenced 3D maps and model of the event and its context
    • shared content and cooperation in real time
    • overview of and communication with tracked mobile devices
    • overview of and interaction with stationary and remote controllable cameras
  • GPS tracking:
    • tracking of key actors as guards, first aid teams, doctors, and coordinators via GPS.
    • positions, overview and status in the 3D environment.
  • Smartphones – maps, camera, and positions:
    • tracking and navigation on event-specific 2D map
    • pinpointing location of incidents
    • sharing of pictures and videos
  • Stationary and remote controllable cameras:
    • IP networked cameras for overview of crowds and bottle-necks – e.g. positioned at central roads, paths, or stages.
    • live video feeds embedded in the 3D environment.
    • remote control of cameras via direct interaction in the 3D environment
    • automatic archiving of video feeds