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Friday, July 10th, 2009 | Uncategorized

Thursday the 2nd of July it was time to test and try out the latest versions of the @aGlance technologies.



So, the developers from Computer Science and The Alexandra Institute invited the festival people to Aarhus. For several hours they discussed workable functionalities, essential features and “nice-to-haves” – last mentioned covers the bunch of wild ideas… It was a great – and warm – evening.

The technologies and their integration worked. The signals from handheld devices round the University area showed up in Topos and we could interact with the cameras.

IMG_0418 IMG_0404 IMG_0479

Our main focus was discussions about the latest functionalities:

  • A new video browser to support overview of cameras
  • Tracking of 20 radios and 10-15 phones (this evening we only had 5 radios and 5 phones – and they were all “alive” and running)
  • A smaller map in the 3D environment showing the section the personnel with handheld devices can see on their device
  • Activity indication: flow of guests at the festival place – the predominant flow of movement within a certain grid. How to show/present it needs to be tested before and at the festival.
  • A simple way to search and find a bar, stallor  tent
  • Marking points of interest and how to show/present it
  • Support verbal communication with the possibility to draw in the 3D environment

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