Experiments at the volunteer party May 2nd 2009

The objective with participating in the party was to test the various technologies and their integration on real and live data. In the week prior to the party, all the technologies were prepared and packed for the first large scale experiment and test before the next real-time experiment at the Festival in August.

 Cam Container 

The main foci for the tests were:

  • To test the support for activity indication
  • To supply watchmen and coordinators with new radios with GPS for tracking and mobile phones with live overview maps respectively
  • To mount 6 overview cameras with the purpose of testing as many different situations  and contexts (outdoor/indoor, light conditions, large/small areas, etc.) as possible

An example01052009532
Student programmer Anders Johnsen was especially nervous before the party. For the last months, he has been struggling with code that could provide the emergency personnel with overview of how much activity there is out on the site in selected locations.

 The objective of  providing activity indication is to help personnel assess whether bottlenecks or critical situations among the guests are eminent.
– This is the first time I have it all up and running. Two weeks ago we got it working in the 3D program, and now we are going to test it in the real world – on actual and live data: Live cameras from the volunteer party with 3000 people moving around, and then see what we get out of it.

We haven’t had that amount of data before, therefore it is an obvious opportunity to come today and use it as a taste-bite on what to expect at the Festival in August, he states.