Experiment 2009

IMG_0260Based on our work and experiences at experiment 2008 we have developed the @aGlance technologies version 2. This version was used at SmukFest2009.

Fact Sheet @aGlance Experiment 2009

The @aGlance technologies use and integrate well-known technologies as GPS, mobile phones, GIS data, 3D…

This integration of well-known technologies offers the emergency response personnel a common frame of reference and supports their overview

All actors (emergency response personnel):

 can see what is happening at the festival place “at a glance” (overview)

 can see where the other actors are (location)

 can see what the other actors see (collaboration)

 can choose their own or their collegues point of view

and see what is happening nearby (context)


At SmukFest 2009 we focused on:

 integration of communication infrastructure (GPS and radio)

visual communication (video, pictures in 3D environment)

activity indication (larger movements at the festival place illustrated in the 3D environment)

 tracking emergency response resources  and key personnel (via GPS, represented and located in the 3D environment)

use of static and remote controllable cameras (remote controlled in the 3D environment)

 local and central overview (interaction with 3D environment on:

  • Handheld devices used “in the field” (picture below on the left)
  • Stationary monitors placed central fx coordinators (picture below on the right)

e71_artikel_mindre HS - festival alarm centre

For more pictures from SmukFest 2009